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The San Andreas kidnaps part 1


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---------THE SAN ANDREAS KIDNAPS-----------


After everything was normal, Grove street families were back in top, Kendl married Cesar, and CJ wanted to live a normal life with his wife Denise.But, in San Andreas, the danger never stops.There were rumors of some kidnappers around Back 'o' Beyond.Many people dissapeared and never been seen again.It was night and CJ, Denise, Sweet, Kendl and Cesar were eating dinner when, a Grove street OG entered the house.

*OG: CJ!

*CJ: What happened?

*OG: Another kidnap!

*CJ: Back 'o' Beyond?

*OG: Yeah! We should go check.

*CJ: Not now man, tomorrow.

*OG: Okay CJ, you the boss.

The OG exited the house.CJ sat back on his seat and started talking with his friends.

*Denise: What happened CJ?

*CJ: Another kidnap.

*Sweet: Back 'o' Beyond?

*CJ: Yeah.

*Cesar: This is getting serious ese!

*Kendl: Yeah!

*CJ: I know man! We will go tomorrow and search Back 'o' Beyond.

*Sweet: Alright.

After they finished their lunch ...

*Sweet: Alright man, see you tomorrow!

*CJ: Alright bro!

So CJ and Denise went to sleep.The next day, Sweet was in the middle of the street in his car and 3 more cars.CJ went to him.

*CJ: Alright man ... let's go!

*Sweet: Okay dog.

*CJ: Ces, take Kendl in a safe place.Go at Woozie.

*Cesar: Alright ese.Let's go Kendl!

*Kendl: See ya CJ! Good luck!

*CJ: Yeah ... thanks! We will need it.

So everybody went to Back 'o' Beyond exept Cesar and Kendl that are now at Woozie.When CJ and th rest arrived at Back 'o' Beyond. it was raining and was foggy.They exited the cars and separated in groups, every group in different direction.CJ went with Sweet, Denise and 2 homies.They arrived at an old bridge.There they saw the body of a woman.The woman had no head.

*Sweet: Oh shit!

*Denise: Who could do that?

*CJ: Don't know ... but once I heard of a creature in Shady Creeks.

*Denise: Or it was Bigfoot.

*OG1: CJ ... come here for a moment!

*CJ: What?

*OG2: Take a look at this!

*Denise: Oh my god!

*OG1: Could be the head of the woman.

Then they heared a voice ... a scary one.It was very loud.

*Denise: What the fuck was that?!

*Sweet: I don't know ... we better get back to the car!

They ran to the car.When they arrived all homies were there ... and there were scared like hell.

*Sweet: What happened?

*OG3: We heard a voice and came here!

*OG4: It freaked us!

*Sweet: Okay we better ...

They heard something from the bushes.Everybody prepared their weapons but in the bushes was only a racoon.

*CJ: Motherfucker! Die!

*Denise: Phew ... only a racoon.

Suddely something jumped from the bushes.It was the creature from Shady Creek.He jumped on a homie and beheaded him.Everybody prepared to shoot him but he was too fast.He ran towards them, killing 2 more OG's.CJ ran to the car and took the RPG.

*CJ: Dumbass motherfucker!!!

The rocket didn't affect the creature so everybody retreated to Mt. Chiliad.On top, they saw 2 hunters coming their way.The hunters landed and out of one of them came Woozie.

*Woozie: Hello, Carl!

*CJ: Woozie! Glad to see you!

*Woozie: Glad to see you too ... or ... whatever! Cesar told us about these kidnaps that happened around Back 'o' Beyond and told me that you were going to investigate.

*CJ: Yeah!

*Woozie: Okay so what's the problem?

*Sweet: Well ... that thing behind you!

*Woozie: What?!

The creature was about to kill Woozie but he ducked at time and everybody started again to shoot at the creature until he was about to fall.

*CJ: Time to die fucker!

CJ shot the creature in the head and the thing fell from the mountain.When he hit the ground, there was blood everywhere.The creature was dead but as always, CJ checked if it was dead by shooting him in the head with a Desert Eagle bullet.After that, they were returning to Los Santos but they were stopped as a tree fell on the road.They had to take the long way.When they arrived at a lake, the last car exploded and everybody got out.In the smoke there was a big shadow.From the smoke came Bigfoot.Then everybody was shocked.They were scared and shivering.

*CJ: So you kidnapped everybody and killed them! And that creature was your associate.

*Sweet: Well we will tell you something now!

*Denise: You are going down to hell!

*Everybody: DIE!

Everybody shot Bigfoot like mad but he wasn't affected.The hunters came there as they saw the explosion.The hunters shot Bigfoot with rockets and bullets, but still not affected.So everybody retreated.They arrived in a village.Everybody were watching at them.

*Sweet: Where the fuck are you looking at?

*CJ: Chill bro! People, we need your help!

*Citizen: With what?

*Denise: We saw Bigfoot! He is coming this way!

Everybody paralyzed when they heared about bigfoot.One of the citizens talked.

*Citizen: Bigfoot?! We are trying to kill that monster for years! Okay we will help you!

So the citizen went home and came bac with rifles, mac-10's, pistols and shovels.Suddenly they heared heavy footsteps.They prepared their weapons as Bigfoot was aproaching them.

*Citizen: One more step and you are going to hell!


*Citizen: Okay! You asked for it!

The citizens, Grove street families and Triad hunters were shooting at Bigfoot like mad and this time he was affected.He was bleeding and ran away.CJ chased him and when Bigfoot was surounded he shot him until he was dead, and checked if he was dead shooting him in the head.The citizens thanked the Grove street families and Triads for helping them getting rid of Bigfoot.After that everybody went home.In that night, CJ was eating dinner with Denise, Sweet, Cesar and Kendl.

*CJ: Finaly ... peace!

*Denise: Yeah ... I thought we wont survive that!

*Sweet: Well good thing we did.

*Cesar: Man, I really wanted to be there too ese! I wanted to see Bigfoot and that creature.

*CJ: Well I had the opportunity to take a couple of pictures.Here!

*Cesar: So ... that's how Bigfoot looks!

*Kendl: Lemme see! Man that's one ugly shit!

*Sweet: *sigh* Yeah!

Suddenly, a Grove street homie entered the house.

*OG: CJ, another problem!

*CJ: What?! Damn this never ends!

*Sweet: Yeah ... that's out life!

*CJ: *sigh* Yeah! Well ... we better get moving!

*To be continued*

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