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GTA IV PC release confirmed!


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Here's where R* gets the epic win. Release the PC version compatible to SA specs & have an upgrade code for better

graphics you can redeem when you register your copy of GTA4.

People can play the games on the machines they have now, those w/ better machines can instantly upgrade.

Everybody wins. (Computer companies don't count on this one as most people won't buy a new computer just for 1 game.

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^ if only :(

i dont think they'll do this

i think (total opinion) that if your computer is on par with the minimums here then you'l be able to play gta4. obviously if you are just meeting the bare minimums then you wont be able to have high res or high graphics etc.

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I'm probably going to get a HD 4870 now, heard it's the best card on the market right now.

It'll be shit expensive atm. Plus, plain shit. Alot of cards now are having pre-driver crapness. (low performance, artifacts, software bugs, incompatibility) Wait until the card's been out a while. ;)

How about the 4850? I hear that the 4850 is the best budget card out right now, and it's faster than the 9800 GTX in some cases. Money isn't a problem for me right now, just perfomance and stability.

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Hey Don,

I'm kinda into HW and from what I read and know from my own experience best card for the money is still 8800GT (GTS). Do not compare nvidia 9 series for it is nothing more than g92core cards which means 9 series are crap... 8 series with new boxing and names... the most powerful 9 series card is GX2 but when you have 2 8800GT's in SLI they will outperform it.. 4870 is a good card though as mentioned before... there is still catalyst issue and the card is not overclockable (for now).. and if money is not a problem :P go for GTX280 :D

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9 Series aren't really any different to the 8 series. An 8800 would probably, misleadingly so, outperform a 9600 (it'd have to be 8800GT and 9600GT, for example.), but that doesn't stop the 9600 being a good card. The lower level 9 series are astonishingly cheap, too, but will still haul a steady framerate on max in most games (i get a constant 50 something in COD4, max, at 1680x1050).

The point i also want to make is you don't NEED a 9800GTX. Unless you're planning to run a 40" plasma screen or some balls like that then there simply is NO NEED.

My advice: The 8800 is still the definitive card on the market, getting cheap now, And you won't need anything more unless you plan to go past a 26 or something + inch screen.

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I agree... and I didn't say 9 series are bad cards... I only think that it is a crap from nVidia's side to sell same product in different package for a higher price... finally: 8800GT (GTS) is the way to go...


8800GT costs now around $150 where Radeon 4870 costs $280 - which means for almost same money you can get 8800GT SLI!!! and this in some cases outperforms GTX280!!!!

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