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Demolition Man


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hey I was wondering if any body out there could play a new game of vice city and complete all missions to demolition man cause I can not get past that mission I know its not important but i want 100% completion and I wanna know what happens after that mission so could anybody help?


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alright ive got a solution for you. theres a website that makes savegames after EVERY mission for gta's (gta3, vice city, san andreas) so your problem is solved.

all you need to do is click this link, then a savegame will download in a winzip file. then extract it, and put the files in the folder in my documents named GTA Vice City User Files

now you have a savegame for vice city with demolition man completed

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I am sorry for this, BUT YOU ARE A NOOB! i did this first time on my xbox and now on my PC using a keybored, thats just insane heli flying on keyboard=shit flying, its easy, do you run out of time or get the heli killed, if you get it killed, use the rotors to kill people but only if its really needed as its not important, i started from the bottom and worked up as you dont have to get the heli out after laying the last bomb, if you run out of time, fly faster, keep the heli flying forwards unless dropping bombs, picking bombs up, or about to crash in a wall (obvious lol) use the rudder and the roll controlls at the same time as this gives faster and sharper turning, i can't think much more useful information or things to point out about anything and im always watching live at the apollo which dont help,


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I am sorry for this, BUT YOU ARE A NOOB!
using a keybored

I'm sorry for you.

Anyways, the way I did it, it involves some patience...but you won't run out of time. First fly the RC Heli into the site and kill all those workers and guards with its wings. Then start with picking up bombs and planting them, whatever order of floors you choose.

Hope this helps :)

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