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ZeroX's Stunt Vids


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Hi my name is Zac and i go by the name of ZeroX for stunting and anything else online really (no i have nothing to do with photocopiers or printers :P)

Well, I am a stunter and founder of the stunting crew Terror Squad, I am a former member of 2 other stunting crews that didn't work out for me, ZS and .:vERt:., ZS being another of todays top crews.

Anyways im sure none of you wanna hear about me you just wanna see the videos lol, so here they are

-->Revelation<-- (First video, first time stunting and first time editing)

-->DistortioN<-- (Second video, collab with Aenima)

-->ZerO HouR<-- (Third Video, My ZS Audition)

-->Disciples<-- (ZS crew video)

-->Animosity<-- (Debut Terror Squad video, by far my best editing job and some of the best stunts ever seen in the stunting community)

-->FusioN<-- (ATS + TS Collaboration Stunt Vid, Editing By GTA Fantatic, Intro By Kaneda)

I also made an appearence in the first ampt community stunt video "No Mercy", editing done by ATS member, GTA Fanatic

Animosity is on the main page for this website so i don't think anyone would have missed it there but if u have than the link is right here.

If you were to watch all 5 of them videos you would have a really good idea of how stunting has progressed over the past 6 - 8 months, it sure has changed a lot since i first started.

I really hope everyone enjoys watching these, please leave a comment :thumbsup:

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Ok well I'm downloading the 118MB one on filefront, should be done in 30mins :)

EDIT: Yeah Distortion was pretty good, though your latest one was a lot better. Two minor gripes about it. First is why the hell is it encoded in MPEG format, massive filesize and worse quality than an .avi. Second, you spelt "collaboration" wrong twice :o

In both the intro and outro it's been spelt "colaberation" :o

Oh well nevermind ;)

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The editing was done by Aenima lol.

I did the editing for my part, so it was basically 2 solo vids just put together, pretty stupid idea now that i think about it.

He screwed up big time by saving 640x480 clips as 800x600 so that made the quality worse than if he were to just save at 640x480 and probably added a good 10 - 20mb to the filesize. Also after I sent it to him over MSN and he added it to the movie and rendered it, it screwed up some of my synching. :(

My first three videos actualy are pretty bad quality which is disapointing but thats all in the past now because I am using a different program (sony vegas 5) and also recording my clips at 800x600, my first three vids were recorded with fraps 1.9D (which only allows 640x480) and edited with Ulead mediastudio 7, which I never found any good render settings with. I'm very pleased with Vegas 5 it is a great program for editing videos once you get used to it, I recommend it for anyone who wants to make a video of any sort ;)

Well, we all gotta make mistakes to learn from them and he certainly has, he is founder of ZS and you will find the same quality as in animosity in any of their videos now. ;)

Edited by ZeroX
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Nah, TGA was just temporarily having issues but now the downloads work again.

Your actualy not allowed to upload a non zipped/rared video to TGA.

So anyone who wanted to download my first, third or the ZS crew video can now do so. :)

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:( So many things go wrong for me.

I get that error too on a lot of zip or rar archives, its totally random I think because when I download again it usualy works.

I even got that message on a rar archive that I made myself on my computer that previously worked for months until tonight, I tried it a few more times and it worked, wierd.

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