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A VC/LC Solo by Willzyyy

Here were are again, 3 months later, it's me releasing a brand-new "Willzyyy" style stunt film. This video has had quite a lot of effort put into it. I hope you guys notice. I must thank PtRvY again for helping me chose the name. It rules! A great name for a stunt solo. :) I hope I have improved a bit over the last few months, considering I have had quite a bit of practice making 2 duos and a crew vid in that time. Ok, well...here we go!

Enjoy. :)



Davve (Guest)

Zaelee (Guest)




Slipknot - The Blister Exsists

LostProphets - Last Train Home (The Last Train)

Muse - Knights Of Cydonia

Running Time:


Video Links

MEGAUPLOAD - High Quality Link - (102 MB)

YOUTUBE - Low Quality Link..

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My question is, will you fucking stop OWNING THE SHIT outta everything that comes under your PCJ ???

Damn good.


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