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Glitchs/Easter eggs

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Why would you want Bigfoot in the game? I mean San Andreas there was a huge rumour going around and nobody can really prove it but it would be a bad idea to have the same monster in the new game, but something secret like a Bigfoot would be good.

For example, Gta 4 would pick a random day of the week on your ps3's time clock and a random time and if you looked at certain places in the forest or desert or whatever then it would pop out. This way it would be alot harder to find them and people wouldn't just say that you should go to the desert at 4:00 and you'll see him cause that spoils the mystery for you! This way you can find him on your own!

Please reply to this and tell me what you think. :D

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Yeah man, this is bumping, but I see this as a good bump, know what I'm saying. He didn't bump this topic and said "Hey my name is Earl". He had some ideas which he wanted to describe in this topic, I don't see anything wrong with that. And GTA IV hasn't even been released yet so this topic can go on for a pretty damn long time you know. Anyway man, yeah that sounds like some good ideas you know.

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What type of glitch/easter egg should be in GTA4? I'm thinking something like a super car, plane, or boat. Like having a misslefiring hover car or being able to drive a submarine. Anything else? :mellow:

Would certainly be interesting, and would be awesome to see.

I am thinking the usual easter eggs, like names of places and such, as well as land marks and such. Possibly hidden objects and weapons.

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What`s wrong with you guys? Stop bumping this topic... After a guy(I think it was me) replied to this topic 1 year after the last post(february2006-january 2007 when I replied) and you keep bumping it...

Somebody close this topic `cuz the new-comers and not only are bumping it.

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