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Need help with SA-MP pl0x!

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I need some1 to tell me what happens when a admin banns you i think i know that it stores ur I.P in file named "Ban" and there it shows the I.P of the person banned but i wonder if theres other ways cuz i changed my I.p and still cant go to the servers(i got banned from)...

I also watched in youtube a guy teaching how to change i.p so u can unbann ur sell u change i.p sucefully but still im banned! <_<

Plz help me...

Thnx :unsure:

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Hello there cfox this document might help answer those nagging questions:

How To Be a N00b:

As any gamer can tell you, there is a big difference between a mere newbie and the real n00b. Everyone starts out as a newbie, but only a few can achieve the very special and rare status of true n00b. Here are some guidelines to help you in your quest for ultimate n00b-hood:

1. Always write in l33t.

You can save a few keystrokes by typing "b4" instead of "before", so it doesn't matter that the person reading it has to waste their time figuring out what the hell you're trying to say. You're more important than anyone else. Show them that through your mad leetspeak skillz.

2. Invent your own spelling, punctuation, etc.

Since you're more important than anyone else, you shouldn't be restricted to the spelling and punctuation other people use. Never say "please" when you can say "plzplzplz" instead. Show everyone how special you are by spelling in a way that only you understand. Never use a period when you can use an exclamation point, and never use one exclamation point when two (or five, or ten) will do. The more like a little kid you can write, the better.

3. Use huge fonts and bright colors (lots of them).

They wouldn't have features like that in BBcode if you weren't supposed to use them... everywhere ... all the time. Who cares if nobody can read your post because it's all in giant type in every color of the rainbow? If you're in too much of a hurry to get so elaborate, at least post in all caps. Remember, capslock is cruise control for kewl. Readability is for people less important than you are. You're special, so don't worry if you're giving everyone else migraine headaches.

4. Post multiple times.

That's why there are multiple sections in the forum, isn't it? Sure, normal people only post once, but a true n00b will never limit himself to merely the most appropriate section. You're the most important person on the forum, so you need to post the same thing in lots of sections so you can be sure that everyone sees your post before anyone else's no matter what section they readt. It doesn't matter what any section is supposed to be for. You're special; it's there just for you.

5. Don't try to find anything out for yourself.

A true n00b will never read a manual, use a search engine, try out a tutorial, or experiment with whatever program is giving him grief. Other people have nothing better to do than solve your problems for you. Never waste your own time when you can waste somebody else's instead.

6. Be needy.

Ask for help with everything, constantly. Never contribute anything; reciprocity is for scrubs. A true n00b expects and demands that everyone else drop what they're doing to help with anything he wants. If someone only tells you where to find documentation or a tutorial, that isn't good enough; demand that they show you, step by step, how to do what you want. They're only here for you, after all. If your questions are answered, don't thank the person who answered; instead, ask for more.

7. Be impatient.

You need answers now and don't let anyone forget it! If you don't have an answer to your questions within an hour, it couldn't possibly be because nobody has checked the forum lately, or because it will take them time to research your answer for you; no, it's because you didn't post enough times. See rules 1, 2, 3, and especially 4, and make sure your posts are n00bish enough.

8. Tell people how mean they are if they don't do what you want.

People are always much more willing to help someone who insults them. Courtesy is for losers. If you don't get the answers you want, tell other forum members that they're selfish or mean. That will make them eager to give up their own time to do anything you ask them to.

9. Remember that you are the center of the universe.

Never, ever forget that you're more important than everyone else. Rules and politeness are for scrubs. What you want is the most important thing in the world, and if anyone else thinks otherwise, put them in their place. They're here for you, and never let them forget it. It's all about you.

10. Enjoy your accomplishment!

It might not happen on your first attempt, but if you keep following these guidelines, you will eventually be recognized as a true n00b. Once people start calling you a n00b, all the rewards such as deleted posts, moderator warnings, and even the rare, coveted forum bans will come your way. Congratulations, you've earned it!

If you follow these rules I am certain you will obtain banishment from most any forum for life. :clapping:

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Wow, thanks for sharing that with us ToonSkull.


If you change your IP, you should be able to get back in. Next time try to post into the correct forum.

Topic closed!!!

Im not Banned anymore from any server it wasnt I.P change thnx for help!

P.s- Toon skull i didnt read your post cuz i aint noob and u problably are....And add to ur sisi list to stay on topics idiot...


:w00t: CHECK OUT :w00t: my youtube channel:www.youtube.com/user/cf0x3o6

Edited by cfox306

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