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[WIP] Duke Theft Auto

The Commander

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Duke Theft Auto is a modification for Eduke32 (Eduke32 is a highly advanced port used to run Duke Nukem 3D) In which I will be taking the whole aspect of the orignal "CLASSIC" Grand Theft Auto and turning it into a first person perspective.

- Rocket Launcher Testing

- Pre Alpha Car Driving Test

If you are woundering why I would use such an old game as the base for a mod like this there are a number of resons why, Its using Eduke32 which supports a whole new range of CON scripting, support for .MD3 format models, .OGG sound replacement of them midi files or other sound files. (Yes all the great GTA songs are going to be in ) And loads of other great features and the ease of modification.

More info can be found here



or here


Any questions please ask.

Note to Mods ***

Im not sure if this belongs here as it is a Eduke32/Duke Nukem 3D based mod and I didnt see a place to place mods being built on another engine of GTA, but it is all on Grand Theft Auto and there maybe a few people here who also have Duke Nukem.







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If I had the game, I'd definitely download this if you get around to finishing it, providing you don't have problems with it. Good work, again. :)

Because of Eduke32, what I will try and do is make sure that there is no Duke Nukem 3D files required and that way I can make it a mod that doesnt need Duke Nukem 3D and only Eduke32 which is free. As long as it doesnt contain any DN3D files it can be played as is. Sorta like how "A Path Beyond" is to C&C Renegade. Its a mod for Renegade but you dont need to own it to play it. :)

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Consider this download an ALPHA only. What I want to know is how many people are going to have trouble running this mod. I dont want to know about things like, Oh the cars do this that ect. I allready know these things. Im wanting to know about performance issues.


Basic installation setup.

("YOU NEED TO OWN DUKE NUKEM 3D" for this version. The shareware version may work)

Extract "DTA_Alpha1.rar" to a New directory and place a copy of "DUKE3D.GRP" in this folder and run "DTA.bat"

I have included my own duke3d.cfg file with the video and key settings that are nessacery to run this mod as it should you might have to delete this if it wont run. If you can't run Duke and the HRP on the highest settings possible you wont have any luck with this. If you are seeing white boxes at the start this means that you dont have your "High Res Texture Quality" on full.

EDIT: The only map available is Liberty City from the Episode screen select.

TAB is horn/special effect

Pageup is Map

Use Key is to enter cars, Only Police, Ambulance and red Corvette are usable at the moment.

Press crouch to get out of car.

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Hey that's pretty awesome.

I use to play Duke Nukem 3D when I was young, and it was fucking great! The GTA1 maps always had a flat side to it, but now, it looks really great, considering it's a custom made map.

Bold: lol, you're still young silly. :lolbounce:

I used to love playing Duke Nukem. My dad downloaded all of them off of this one site like 8 years ago and I think I beat every single one.

I've been trying to get him to find them so I could play them again.

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In conjunction with the PC version of GTA IV using SecuROM, Duke Theft Auto will now also be using SecuROM.

What does this mean?

This means that you can only install the mod on one registered machine at a time using the given CD KEY at the time of download. You won't be able to install it on another machine using the same CD KEY. Also you will only be allowed to install it 5 times on a given machine.

Have a nice day. :D

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I have been working on new huds for the cars, I have even made it so that if you get into say the Tanker or 4X4 vehicle the the players first person view will also rise up and be at the actuall point of where the drivers window should be. Same works for cars that are smaller. (If it sounds confusing I will show what I mean later)







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