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GTA IV Xbox Live Weekend Social Club Giveaway


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Rockstar Games have announced via the Social Club a new giveaway with some awesome prizes. As part of the Xbox Live Weekend, you could win a home entertainment system valued at $6,100. Additionally, one one runner-up will receive a GTA IV-branded Xbox 360 Elite and a whole bunch of other GTA IV merchandise.

The contest is only open to US and Canadian residents aged 18 and older. To enter, all you have to do is simply login to your Social Club account from September 19, 2008 until the end of the LIVE Weekend on September 28, 2008.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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Ok, this is the turnpoint for me.

I am, like many of you, a fanatic Grand Theft Auto fan. I own almost all the games, and I´ve been following the games evolution since about 2001. I love the fanbase, and it´s a great following. I also have great respect and love towards Rockstar themselves, their work has been amazing, and I know many people agree with me. But, this really bothers me. Rockstar has decided to let North Americans and Canadians take part in a massively fun online slaughter with the icons themselves. That leaves me with a question, Does the whole world consist of only America and Canada ? What´s up with all the millions of GTA fans in Europe, and the rest of the continents ?

I really feel deserted by this decision by Rockstar, and it will seriously change my attitude towards the company that I´ve felt has changed popular culture in many new ways, unlike any gaming company before. I know people will give me various reasons on why Rockstar is doing this, but I don´t care, if they want their fans with them, it will take more than this. Consider this my resignation from the Grand Theft Auto scene, and I hope you have fun with whatever GTA that´ll succeed GTA IV, maybe then, I´ll return.



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