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Grand Theft Auto Rock City

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Were will the Next GTA be. First in New York, next in Miami, and then In California. If a new spinoff game comes out I believe the next location should be in Detroit, Michigan. What other name would you pick for Detroit besides Rock City and what other places or Locations would you choose. Note: please keep it in America, no offense.


Im Changing my name idea to Block City set in 1999



Marylyn Manson


Kid Rock



Limp Biskit


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GTA Bano Island is a new spinoff idea by me set in 1975 in Rhode Island. Tell me your thoughts and Check out my Rock City/ Block City thread set in 1999 in Detroit, Michigan.

On what, as it stands it's just a name, year and setting. You could have just posted this in your other 'spinoff' 'next GTA' topic. I'll just merge them.

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I think that detroit and chicago are too similar to liberty.You see in liberty we saw asphalt jungles,then tropical beach,then desert suburbs.What next?Rockstar will surely make something origina.London i think is perfect game for new revolutionary gta,in many reasons rockstar will choose it one day.But not know.Right now they need to set up already a new gta setting.And i think they can make carcer city,if they will be neded in new universe expansion.

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