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How do I make som quick money?


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Other than vigilante missions, there are a few other methods of making lots of money, which however are difficult.

Go to an Inside Betting Track shop, one is in Montgomery, Red County, the other is in Downtown Los Santos under the Mulholland Intersection. Bet all of your money on a horse with the lowest odds of winning (So that it will pay a lot if it wins).

If you lose, re-load and keep trying again until the horse you bet on wins. If you placed a lot of money on one with low odds and it wins, you'll get a lot.

You can also use the casinos in Las venturas to gamble and win, and can just re-load and try again if you lose your money, I would recommend mainly playing blackjack, as it involves more skill than luck.

Hope this helps.

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Complete the as many of the assets as possible (Zero's Shop, Wang Cars, Airfield etc) and go around collecting the revenue every once in a while. On top of the obligatory/semi-obligatory assets, there are also others, like the Valet Service at the Hotel in San Fierro and the delivery service for the shop with the Freeway sitting in front of it in Hashbury.

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I've manage to complete the game now, but I still have far to little money.

How do I get some serious cash without using any cheats?

This is funny but go to the Pig Pen (strip club) and jump up on stage in front of the dancer. DON'T TOUCH HER!! But stand close enough and CJ will pick up her $100 tips. I left it play like this for about an hour or so and when I got back I had $40000. If you stand to close you will get shot by the bouncers. What's cool is 1. it is not a cheat 2. You can do this from the start and Q. If you let it run all day you can acquire a lot of wealth!

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Keep picking up all the assets.

Some taxi driving would help.

What works pretty good is if you play Pool. There is a bar in San Fierro. Its called Wendy's. It has a pool table. There is also one near Denieses house in LS.

Something else that could work is the Horse betting store.

save your game. Go to a horse betting store. Bet all your money. If you lose, reload your game and keep trying it untill you win.

Works like a charm

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