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Vercetti Thug

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SHORT article on MSN that I found. The most strange of which is the first about LeNoir.

Here's the story behind this awesome headline: Last Friday, a 14-pound rat terrier named Jake went for his daily swim off a pier in a Florida marina. As the dog's owner, Greg LeNoir, watched in horror, a shark pulled his beloved pet underwater.

LeNoir promptly dived into the water and punched the shark in the back of the neck.

The shark, which LeNoir guesses was a 5-foot-long lemon or bull shark (both are common to the area), released the dog. Owner and pet both made it safely to shore, and Jake is recovering well.

Web search reveals our endless fascination with sharks. Queries for shark attacks, great white sharks and shark pictures appear in search year-round, whether there is recent shark-related news or not. Although sharks are rarely out of the news.

To wit, these recent shark tales:

"It felt like I was riding behind a powerful Jet Ski," said a surfer taken for a ride by a shark.

In Australia, a humpback whale became entangled in a shark net. Introduced in the 1960s, the nets are meant to protect swimmers from sharks.

A sleepwalking teen was "bitten" by a stuffed shark.

Frank Mundus, the real-life shark hunter widely considered the inspiration for the Captain Quint character in "Jaws," died earlier this month.

A Hawaiian surfer claimed a finicky shark let him go because he wasn't tasty enough. He didn't pass the "test bite."

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