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Talk in your own language here and in the languages you know.


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lolsex. I have a Portuguese keyboard and if I ever put American, it's all scrambled.

Though isn't this offtopic? I mean, this is about talking in your NATIVE Language and not talking about random shit, etc.

Ontopic: Isto está aborrecido.

(PT) Como estás? Tinha desjejum a dez horas.

(FR) Ça va ? J'ai eu petit dejeuner à dix heures.

(ES) ¿Cómo estás? Tuve desayuno a diez horas.

(IT) Come stai? Ho avuto colazione a dieci ore.

(EN) How are you? I had/was having breakfast at 10 O'clock

Correct me if I'm wrong at all there. I know more Spanish than I do Portuguese apart from the distinctive words of 'obrigado/a' and 'gracias'. My native language is English though, so I must speak another language apart from that in here :P I'm surprised that nobody has posted any Chinese/Japanese/Korean yet or Dutch/Swedish etc.

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Hey steam

За дечката еввровизија, ние требавме да добеме во 2003, 2007 и 2008.

Пичкаму матер луѓе што му беше това срање на хрварска 2003.......... хаха не, се смејам :P тоа беше добро

а во 2007? Што му е тоа срање пичка му матер да му се мочам во чадоро. Тогаш требаше македонија или србија да пебеде

А, 2008? Георгија? леле.... да ги ебам сите мочки таму

Му га виде песната на Грција во 2007? ЛЕЛЕ....се смеев много и ќе се посерев. И га виде дебелата бишка за бугарија 2008, хаххаахха

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Unamed noodle siad this btw:

ano ba yan? wala namang magkaintindihan here!

Nakakasura nga naman ang mga tao dito minsan

survey that they Huck, watch the stupidity of others here, they understand me

hahahaha, no, joke lang naman,

i just saw that a few were wandering what he siad.

(first page)

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haha nice, use of translator

epic fail

Lol, translators suck at English and French grammar. It's just a bunch of words scrambled together from its inbuilt dictionary for example:

French: Je ne sais pas

Translator: I know not

English: I don't know

I think that happened on one translator once. I also hate when the tense is wrong, for example, the present tense instead of the continuous tense (although, it is absent in most languages some translators still use it incorrectly).

English: I am working

Translation: Je suis travaillant

French: Je travaille

English: I was working

Translation: J'étais travaillant

French: J'ai travaillé or Je travaillais

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