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Splinter Cell

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There seems to be a lack of news on anything pertaining to GTA at the moment, so I'm taking this oppurtunity to post about the latest ad you have probably seen us running; the Splinter Cell campaign.

The game has recently been released and is already proving pretty popular among gamers. If you are interested in the game then check out the following links:


The Highly-anticipated Co-op Trailer

NSA Training Video #5

The aforementioned links will take you to the relevant pages of interest, the NSA training video is quite interesting, they are a series of videos produced by the development team using real in-game character models and a healthy dose of comedic tactics. #5 highlights moves found in the PS2 version of Chaos Theory.


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Splinter Cell is flawed in my opinion.

So the game is all about stealth, But check out those BRIGHT LUMINOUS GREEN goggles he wears, anyone could spot him a mile off.

That's arrogant game makers for you, think they can create a realistic stealth game, pfft.

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