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New Video Is Here !


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Hey guys, it has been a while, hasn´t it ?

Actually, it hasn´t. I released Grand Theft Anathema II only days ago. But that is just stuff I create when I´m bored. This time I´m back with something else, something different.

On other GTA sites I´ve seen "collaborations" of videos made online, mainly stunts, or in a better case; famous movie scenes made with 2-3 people online. I´ve always thought videos like that were pretty cool ideas, and I thought videos like these had great potential, and that I surely could step the game up one more level.

For days, I tried to come up with something fun to do, involving more than just me. And one day when I was going to bed, it struck me. I got an idea that I thought would be pretty cool to do. Although I knew it would be hard to find both experienced and disciplined players to help me out. But now, one week later, the idea has been used, and produced. And today, I´m presenting it to you.

I Hope you enjoy this little creation of mine, as I´ve worked pretty hard to get it finished. And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

Now on to the video:


Click To Watch!



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