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idaho mother gets 10 years in jail


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I read this yesterday. You know this guy is so totally going to get raped and shanked in prison by a large black man named Peaches :P

I too thought girls could only get pregnant when they hit puberty. But about 20 years ago puberty hit alot later than it does now. but 9 years old is fucking ridiculous.

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lol i know eh...he will be the bitch now.

i know eh! i thought like, 12 as a minimum


lol search google for ultimate arnie soundboard and click first link. theres a really funny bit of him yelling "your mine! you belong to me now!" lmfao we pranked someone with that and they were arguing back

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all i can say to this is WTF...

one thats totally wrong etc

but two, i didnt think girls could get pregnant til like puberty (at least 12)...great boyfriend..not

i dunno what to say, the world and people in it are so sick/twisted sometimes...

Actually, puberty is hitting girls earlier and earlier nowadays. I hit it when I was 10 and that was 15 years ago so yeah, think about how different things are now.

The foods that people eat these days is affecting a lot of things, including puberty. Why do you think there are 12 year old girls out there with huge boobs? Kids are also taller. A lot of my friends' kids at work are taller than they are and they're kids aren't even teens yet.

You can barely tell how old a kid is now. A lot of them look much older than they are.

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