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Pickle Phobia

Harwood Butcher

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found it hilarious.


You're just joking with someone's problems and feelings. Would you laugh if it was you inside her body? I guess not so, shut up.

I would. I'd laugh my arse off and at the end of the day, eat some fucking pickles and dip them in mustard. Oh yeah.

But it is incredibly hilarious. No matter what.



Have some sense of humour, you can't deny that pickles phobia is funny.

EDIT: Don't tel Harwood Butcher to shut up S-V, you are actually the one who should.

It is funny. Very funny. I love the Maury show now, the other related videos are hilarious. The woman scared of a balloon made me lol so hard.


I love how they all just run backstage and there's loads of the stuff that they have a phobia against and they start screaming.

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lol too far ahhah

but this is fkn retarded

extremely funny though, these shows make a big deal out of a fukin nothing! funniest to watch this and dr phil etc

she said it started when she was really little :erm: so uhh yeah il let you guess the rest

if its not that then she's just a very very strange person. sure i dont like pickles on mcdonalds burger but i dont cry about it...

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It is not funny.

It is a problem, she is scared of them, it is not a subject for laughter.

I have a humor, but I cannot use it for Phobias like this.

Although Ballon-Phobia is funny.

No, no, no. It's not funny, TO YOU. It's hilarious for others though.

I think you're a little afraid of pickles if you find pickle phobia serious and ballon phobia...not.

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Ugh, Pickles are ftl. I'm not really a fan of eating it, but yeah...

I mean having this type of phobia looks like a laugh, but seeing it from her view, it's like being scared of spiders and insects (That is if you are) which a few of us are afraid of. But yeah, how can you tell if this is real or not? We don't know, so I guess people will just judge this and find it funny and some won't.

This doesn't really seem to be funny to me, and neither does this seem too sad. I just think before you laugh, think about how she feels, or by going into her shoes and see what it feels like having this, it must feel embarrassing. Hopefully she can overcome it.

And guys, don't say I don't have a sense of humour. In fact, I laugh alot, but not at something like this.

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Well I'm only afraid of death and when I'm older I probably won't be. I feel uncomfortable with "deadly situations" or things that could result in death, but not afraid of those things. I'm uncomfortable with heights, but I work in construction and I'm constantly dealing with heights, but again...I'm not afraid of heights.

Being afraid of a smell and or texture is just pathetic, sorry, but it's true.

Just remember, this is my opinion.

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