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GTA IV PC Possible Delay?


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I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Even if it is delayed. It isn't the end of the world.. Besides, my birthday in in November :D

Surely you haven't finished with the console version already!? I was with San Andreas on the PS2 for about 2 years before I even thought about San Andreas for PC... In fact, the only reason I got it in the end is for Multi Theft Auto... But that was crap so I went to SA:MP :) I didn't realise that SA could be modded and there were whole forums of GTA fans like me :P

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Well now its seems they bothered to update their site to have the new release dates. Still it seems they really tried to hide that it was delayed as they only changed the dates on the original announcement about its PC release made on the begining of August. It seems that they didn't want to say that its "delayed" on their site and chose to just edit the old article so that it seemed like there weren't any delay at least so it would seem to person who didn't know better. You would think they would have little backbone to make new announcement to its delay and not just edit the old one.

Also the new release dates are December 2nd in North America and December 3rd in Europe. Check yourself if you don't beleive me.

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