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Gta 4 Weird Thing-Xbox 360


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hello, as you may have arleady known from the title i have the gta 4 for the xbox 360

the problem is that when i entered cheat codes the system froze and gave me red flashing lights they werent 3 they were 4 and turning

i tryied it 2 times and again with same problem

i restarted the console and this time i played without cheats and i have been playing for about 2-3 hours and no crashes.

anyone had this prob or is it only from my console

PS: the console was not overheated and it works perfectly.

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Before it goes full failure it'll be hit & miss, sometimes it's work & sometimes it won't. What you're describing is pretty

specific. RROD typically shows "checkering" & lockups as an early symptom, have you seen the checkering?

Is the X360 set up where it has some ventilation, this could be overheating. You might be running hot & the cheat

calls on something that pushes it over. You could try placing a small fan so it blows across the back & if that helps

get an auxiliary cooling fan. They're noisy but help.

If you get nowhere w/ that, SV's advice is probably the best (expect to pay for MS's help if it hasn't gone full RROD).

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