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GTA IV to be available via Steam, plus 8 new screenshots

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Good news for gamers wanting to quickly acquire Grand Theft Auto IV legally over the Internet without the hassle of going to a store, the game is to be sold via Steam. The game's page on the Steam website gives the 'unlock date' as being the same as in store release dates, December 2nd and December 3rd for the US and Europe respectively.

Additionally, eight new screenshots were added to the Steam website, we've uploaded these to our own GTA IV PC screenshot gallery, go there or click the thumbs below to see the full screenshots.

gta-iv-pc-screenshot_020.jpg gta-iv-pc-screenshot_021.jpg gta-iv-pc-screenshot_022.jpg gta-iv-pc-screenshot_023.jpg gta-iv-pc-screenshot_024.jpg gta-iv-pc-screenshot_025.jpg gta-iv-pc-screenshot_026.jpg gta-iv-pc-screenshot_027.jpg

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