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IPB3 public preview now open


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For those of you who aren't familiar with the software powering our forums and many thousands across the Internet, Invision Power Board is that software and we're currently running the latest 2.3 version here at TGTAP. We've used IPB since it was on version 1.2, and it's evolved so much since then.

IPB 3 is nearing the final stages of its development, currently in alpha stage. No downloads are available yet to license holders (I'll be able to get beta copies but not alphas), however they have opened up their Alpha preview board. You'll need an account on the official IPS website to login, but the register link is there and if you're interested now would be a nice early time to familiarise yourself with the new layout and features available.

Basically I just made this post to make those of you who care aware of the new release, and just to say that TGTAP will upgrade as soon as possible when the final version is released. I WILL be hosting my own copy of the beta version when it's available, and I'll let you guys on there too so we can make sure there's no problems that will affect us, such as our modifications and things like that. Once we're all done testing we'll get these forums upgraded and hopefully have a new skin done for it. We may wait til we get a skin done before upgrading though, and basically revamp the entirety of TGTAP in time for new year, hopefully. That's my aim at least.

IPB3 will have an absolute shitload of really useful new features, some VERY useful stuff for the staff, and a lot of stuff you simply will not care about but is good anyway. I realise there's probably not many of you who actually give a damn about new features, so instead I'll just provide a few links to the IPS blog to some interesting posts with details on them...

built-in reputation system - myself and staff and some of you will test this and if we decide it works well we'll be using this

built-in report system - useful for myself and the staff at least, and better for you guys for reporting inappropriate content

conversations with multiple people through PM's

IPB3 search engine optimisation

IPB3 Misc. features

So yeah, literally everything is going to be improved. We'll even be able to set signature limits, so no more oversized images in sigs bothering you until a moderator enforces it's removal and stuff like that!

If you didn't read any of this, here's what's happening: Upgrading to IPB3 will make TGTAP forums an even more awesome place to be.

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It looks interesting and nice. The fact that TGTAP is getting upgraded to it is great, not really interested in other sites getting upgraded, most of them are pointless anyway. So yeah, it looks sweet and I'm sure it will upgrade TGTAP to a great extent.

Of course it will. :) Can't wait for it to be released to the Client Area's of IPS. :D

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^ Exactly.

Just to clarify... two tests...

1. When the first beta is released I'll be installing it on my personal website just to familiarise myself with all the new stuff, I'll post a link here so you guys can join and also try stuff out etc.

2. When the first release candidate is out I'll install it here on TGTAP, in a separate directory to the forums. We'll take a snapshot of the database and use all the content as of then and use it for testing purposes. i.e. it won't be a live copy of the actual forums, and no new topics/posts/members made after we take the snapshot will appear there. But it'll be a great way to make sure upgrading a viable option for us without breaking stuff and giving us too much downtime.

I'll of course announce these two events separately for those interested. The first I don't care about but the second is actually quite important with us being a small-medium sized forum.

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