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GTA Vice City on-line

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were do I get the mod for online games, so i can play witk you for example,

and do it exist any servers so pleace say what the name of some of the servers or password if they have some!!



(I have take a picture from the gallery hope you don't mine:P)


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It's on the website. It has a guide to start it. If you cant get to it go to http://www.mtavc.com/mta05/playmta_eng.htm nad read up.

Or you could pointlessly bump topics without checking the dates, OG Loc That topic was over 4 months old. He probably obviously knows about VCMP by now. VCMP is tight, and there's news all over about it. He's not even active anymore. He obviously only registered to make this topic and if you would have checked the date, this wouldn't happen.

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