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Did anything WEIRD happened to you?


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To me it did....3 times

Like sometimes i see some friend of mine,but it looks like to me that i saw him in that exact position,the exact breathing before.

2nd: My family and my friend's family went to his house.It wasn't built solid,only bricks and doors were put.It was night.We came,listened to some songs,and we went to a hole(that was supposed to be a garage),and he came down the ladder.The hole was 30 feet.We started hitting each other with rocks,i was looking at him,and he was looking behind me.Suddenly,he says that he saw a light in the sky.I said don't play with me,i know you want to hit me :D .But i turned around,and after 5 mins. that light was in the sky,flashing at that hole.We thought that hole was a grave.We moved from there,but we didn't tell no one about this.

3rd:Like sometimes when i read something that i posted,or read,the 1st time i see it right,the 2nd it wasn't like the first time?! WTF

What do you think,was this the Placebo effect or reality?

Your weird things?

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deja vu happens alot to me

i always think ive seen something before

I think ive seen a UFO

the year was 2007 in august

I was at my friends house and we were outside and all of a sudden a ufo flew past. It looked EXACTLY like a space ship

it was round, colourful lights and went past fast ....weird

heres somethinh that atleast i found freaky

The year was 2005

i was sleeping. And i randomedly woke up at 3 am. and my bed sheet covers wernt on me,

i walked all around the house and found them in the computer room

scared the crap outta me.

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LOL. geometry ftl

yeah ive like...had a dream the day before (or a daydream) about something, then it just...happens the next day. pretty weird but, ah well. shows my brain isnt sitting around doing nothing.

as for a school related: i got a high distinction in a australiasian geography competition..only me and one other guy in the school got it. REALLY REALLY weird. im not that good at geography (i might get a B or C). gotta love multi choice.

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Whats really freaky that happend to me was I was sleeping in my basement with my friend(Gril). Then 2 hours later I woke up on my kitchen table. WTF? I know it sounds freaky I just dont know how I got up there unbelievable.

Sleepwalking,maybe ? I know you won't believe me,but it happens once in a while to all of us.

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This is Scary. There has been a lot of talk about UFOs over UK Army Bases Recently, well, my dad works in Bomb Disposal on one, so I live in a house just outside the base. I was coming home from school, in December 2007, and it was dark, because I had gotten a detention so i went home at 4:30. I heard a noise like a Red Arrow (Plane), so I looked up and there was this think moving swiftly, at a steady speed abouve me, but instead of the lights being on the Wings and Tail, they were in a Circe shape with a Large yellow one at the back.

Also one time, I woke up (I HAD TURNED MY COMPUTER OFF THE NIGHT BEFORE), and my Computer was on Youtube...

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Nothing normal happens to me. Surrounded by weird things all the time --when something normal happens-- I get all freaked out by it. I have to keep a TV on or radio just drowned out the abnormal. Not that the abnormal is so bad it really is what we live for every day. I mean do you go to school or work on Monday and tell your friends how ordinary and normal your weekend was? I don't brag about my experiences --mostly because of my age-- people think you make crap up. But I do tend to pull the abnormal toward me like a magnet. It is my lifestyle or maybe genetic I don't know. Sure some of it is my fault, I mean if you go lurking in dark alleys don't you expect to get mugged?


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