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real life busstop


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we can drive a coach and earn money in vice city but not in gtasa. can anyone make mods that bustops are found around sanandreas in a clear routes order that i can really pick up people and reach them their destination. do it pals. its difficult but that shows your talent of modding

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How thrilling that must be. :w00t:

It does make me remember the fact there is no public transportation in VC like there is in GTA III. I really sort of missed the fact you could get on the train and get off in several depots. The funny thing I like doing was getting a bunch of stars and then just riding the train until they all disappeared.

I think I'd rather make a mod that has spheres at all the bus stops and you stand in one to be picked up. They charge you $1 to ride the entire loop. The only challenge would be routing the buses and making a crap load of check points.


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that WOULD be sick nasty and maybe every other block you could have a busstop, then a shuttle bus from one city to another than each city got an individual bus.... i have awesometastic (in my eyes) ideas but the skills to do it are lacking

Not much skill required. Just there are already a lot of bus stops in the game. You would have to place checkpoints at each one. Then when the player steps into the checkpoint the bus is created (someplace out of sight) and drives to your location. Then the player ability to move is shut down and is told to enter the bus as passenger. The next step is really just telling the bus to drive to each stop in the given order and allow a few seconds at each stop for the player to disembark.

The time consuming part is tracking down all the xyz coords to every bus stop in the game. I know there are some by the airports and train stations.

Personally making the trolley in SF like this would be much easier, since there is no place to embark or disembark. You just jump on. So it would be a simple matter of making the [Enter] key available for that command when near a trolley.


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