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A female protagonist

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I don't know why the idea of a tough female is still such an issue. We already have tons of kick ass chicks in games so I don't find it a shock and awe situation if they make a female the lead.

Yeah... It doesnt even have to be a tough female, it can be anything the player fancies, tweaked by SA style RPG stats.

BTW, did I mention your Sean Connery sig makes me drool in envy?

And how do you get the little things, Im new lol.

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I thought you were a girl lol cos of your Avatar pic.

And on the other hand...

Cool, you can highlight shit, your awesome!!!

LOL, you thought a female that sexy would waste their time on a gaming forum? :lolbounce:

Although, if you thought I was female...then there was no need to say "Lady Harwood", which causes me to think that excuse is complete bullshit.

What kind of background story do you think a female protagonist would have in a GTA game?

She is a Teenage mum (Now in her 20's with her child being 16) that finds out her kid brings a gun home, also finds out her kid's in a street gang. Suddenly the rival gangs attack her house, there main aim is to kill her child. Her kid times. Her "Boyfreind" is killed too. She seeks revenge, by doing jobs for gangs/mafia, eventually getting their respect, rising the ranks, and killing those little bastards :P

29 - 16 = 13.......... Pushing it a bit?

In the meantime russie, why don't you input a character change cheat in VC and play as Candy Suxxx if you want it that bad?

Russie? Dont call me Russian!!! And when I enter the cheat, all I get is some red head bimbo pornstar skin, with very very off animations. Honestly, if you press look back while holding a 2 handed weapon, you'll see what I mean!!!

... The fact that you know this already, from using the cheat enough, kind of worries me and puts doubt that you want a female lead for anything other than "looking at pixel ass".

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I won't mind playing with a female protagonist. I actually think it might be a good gamble for Rockstar to do. If the GTA series was to include a female protagonist, it would attract more females to the series, therefore boosting income. Also, you can kill people without looking bad. We have had female antagonists, why not female protagonists for a change?

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