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GTA IV freezes on loading screen...


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Hi guys, really hope someone can give me a solution to this. I've had GTA IV for 8 days now, and I still can't play it on my PC.

In fact, Rockstar Studios' technical support even finally replied me today and said the reason why my GTA IV hangs on the first mission's loading screen, is because Pentium 4 procs are not supported.

But I checked some forums, other people with Pentium 4 procs managed to get GTA IV to run smoothly as well.

I've also just installed the patch released today, updated my nvidia driver to version 184.84, installed Microsoft Framework 3.5, defrag+disk cleanup+registry clean+driver cleaner pro... EVERYTHING.

And just now, it still just gets stuck on the "The Cousins Bellec" animated logo. I haven't even got a single glance of the damn game yet, literally.

Oh, I lowered the default resolution to 800 x 600, as well as the other settings too.

Hope to hear a reply from any kind Samaritan soon :)

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