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iKlipse's 3D crappage


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So I have been doing 3D stuff for just over a year, I rarely do it but I have a few things worth showing off.

My first project, I did this when I was doing work experience back in school. I was at a business that specialized in 3D graphics and animation and I decided to make a little animation of a car chase. I only had 6 days to do it so I didn't have time to create my own vehicles, just a little city and a few other small things. It took 4 days to render every single scene and which I cut down later on. After I put together the video I recorded sound out of GTA: Vice City, I made the cars in Vice City do pretty much the same thing as in the video to get the best outcome so enjoy:

Also, unfortunately, I seem to have lost earlier pictures of the project in the GTAGaming topic that I am C&P these images from.









And the video (Ignore the url thing at the end, old site):


Condemned-ish project


I used to love the game Condemned, so I decided to make a little project and try to improve my skills on creating a more "creepy and isolated" scene. I didn't do much work to it as I pretty much lost interest.





GTA Style


This is my most recent, I decided to make my own type of Ocean Beach and Malibu Club from Vice City. I name things differently to what they are in Vice City but thats all a part of being creative really. Anyway, its GTA related so you should like it.




In this screen shot, I decided to add the Colony Hotel. I dunno why I decided to call it by its real name but I like it. If the PC wasn't lagging like total crap I would have put more work into it:


Comparison shot:






Now the Malibu:



And thats the most I have done so far.

Hope you liked them :hurrhurr:

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Thanks guys :P

Nah I won't be making any TCs or mods, don't really have the time to. Back in the VC days I used to mess around and make a couple of things like attaching mini guns to patriots and changing baseball bats and machetes into axes and poles etc. using Z-modeler and the DFF exporter... Thats like the only modding I have ever done.

Yeah, I wanted to start Modelling at some point but never had the chance and I didn't know what program to use.

I did use 3D studio max 8 for all of them but I wouldn't recommend using it for a starter program as there is a MASSIVE learning curve and some experience would help a lot.

If you're interested in starting then do what I did, a few years ago I downloaded a 3D program called Blender. I became familiar to what things meant and decided to move onto 3D studio max just at the beginning of last year. I haven't been taught by anyone, I have just learnt things as I go and experimented with certain things, the only help I have ever really had was at work experience and that was just for the animation side.

www.blender.org. Its free and probably the best program to use if you're a beginner :)

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did you model the player models and car models? cause they were the best thing in my opinion.

The character model isn't mine, they are way beyond my level. I'm yet to even attempt making one yet.

The vehicles... In GTA Style, that Pontiac is from Max-Realms... I suck at making cars at the moment so thats another thing to learn, mine just look like playdo with wheels. In the animation video, those were heavily edited San Andreas vehicles.

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