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Need For Speed Series Possibly Cut By EA


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The Need For Speed: - 1994

Need For Speed: II - 1997

Need For Speed: V-Rally - 1997

Need For Speed: III Hot Pursuit - 1998

Need For Speed: V-Rally 2 - 1999

Need For Speed: High Stakes - 1999

Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed - 2000

Need For Speed: Motor City (Online Play) - 2001

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 - 2002

Need For Speed: Underground - 2003

Need For Speed: Underground 2 - 2004

Need For Speed: Underground Rivals - 2005

Need For Speed: Most Wanted - 2005

Need For Speed: Carbon - 2006

Need For Speed: Pro Street - 2007

Need For Speed: Undercover - 2008

And they had to make a NFS every year after that year.

Midnight Club: Street Racing - 1996

Midnight Club: II - 2003

Midnight Club: III - 2006 ?

Midnight Club: III Remix - 2007

Midnight Club: Los Angeles - 2008

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Remix ( Same date it released ).

NFS became shit after Underground 2 Like chris said. But you can stil find Underground 2 as an arcade game. At the arcade shopping mall. Every mall you can find them :)

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yeah underground 2 is probably one of my favourite.

although i got undercover for ps2, im disappointed at the graphics, and the fact theres a lot of cool cars missing (lexus IS-F, audi R8, nissan 370Z+more), its still pretty fun.


you wrote it twice? lol. just to get the point across eh?

i said that iPod was the thing , like, before nano and all them :P like, when it was black and white, it was this cool new thing. now everyone's got one...

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