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Bikes from Lost and Damned

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will it only be some new ugly choppers in L&D

or will they add some new sport bikes and cars to

otherwise the L&D is pointless :bashhead:

You play an American Biker, who refers to your sport bikes as "hair dryers" & doesn't care much for rice rockets.

New sport bikes include -

Bati 800 - Reward bike, show up in traffic.

Bati Custom - Basically the same as the 800 but w/ a race paintjob. Capture after races w/ a little luck.

Double T - One of your friends (Uptown Riders) rides one, reward.

Hakachu - Improved NRG, reward.


Get a decent map of TLAD seagulls, get all 50 for an Innovation parked by your save houses & from Clay over the

phone. Yes, I confirmed it.

As for cars, there's -

A tow truck that looks like a Saint's Row Betsy, common vehicle, the Rhapsody, R*'s version of a '78 Pacer &

the Slamvan returns as a mid '50 panel truck, you can buy weapons from the back of one & there's chances to


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Do you have pics of the other bikes?

Any of you driven a daemon? I have found one with flames on the tank and it has awesome voice :D

Sometimes they're parked, but they're easy picking from gangwars w/ the AOD. Good for most of the races except

"....Beach" races. Great for Bohan Strip, Shlottler Station & Tudor Docks.

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