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Grand theft auto First person shooter?


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Ok, as I like playing FPS, I always wished a FPS Sandbox game.

If it ever happened to GTA, it would look like this:


Photoshopped Counterstrike screenshot, with some HUD bits taken from a GTA3 screenshot, and a Prerennial from GTAVCS. All other martiel is custom shaped or of Google Images.

We already seen what "DukeStar" did with his Duke Theft Auto mod for Duke Nukem, and this is my details for a GTA FPS:

  • Limited Weapons: This is more realism. Any other weapons in our inventory will appear on the side of the screen in a downwards fashion. You can carry 2 pistols, 1 large weapon (SMG, Shotgun, Assault rifle, bazooka, Sniper rifle, large melle weapon etc), one small melle weapon (Combat kinfe, brass knuckles, Police Batton, police Pepper Spray ETC), and special (Grenades and molotovs, flowers, other various small tibits).
  • Aiming: this will be done either Countertstrike/Halo style (Rectile in center of the screen and weapon to the far right pointng left), or COD4 style which veiws down the weapons iron sights.
  • Police system: The wanted level system works out in the ususal 6 stars, but re thought. 1 star: Officers ask you to stop. 2 Star: Officers use non leathal force. 3 stars: Officers will shoot at you with their sidearms. 4 stars: SWAT teams are called. 5 stars: FBI comes to assist. 6 stars: FBI, the Army, and the Airforce assist.
  • Vechiles: When a player approches a veichle, he will open the door latch, and slide his butt into the seat. The veiw is a First Person, from the inside of the car. Drive by's are manually aimed, and if you dont wind down the windows the bullets will breka the window. If a car crashes airbags will go off, obstructing your veiw (Yet keeping you less injuries).
  • Your minimap is just like any other GTA Game
  • If you get caught in the middle of a police firefight that has nothing to do with you, you can shoot an armed criminal if a police officer is in a critical situation (Much like the $50 good citenen bonus in GTAVC).
  • If you fall or roll out of the car, the veiwis from the players eyes still, so it is hard to see where your body is rolling/falling too. It is also possible to do a spread eagle when falling, or a streamlined bullet. Parachutes can be obtained from some aircraft and spawns in airports.
  • Prostitute sex would be too revealing for the actual FPS car veiw, so when one of those sluts hops in, you tell her what you want her to do to you. Then the screen fades to black, then to the outside of the car at a close distance. Moaning sounds are heard and the car rocks. When its all done a comic mess of cum's on her face (you only see it for a breif moment because she is cleaning it up), and then she leaves the car. You can then shoot her if you want, although the fenimists and Jack Thompson might be getting there torches ready.
  • The Mini Map's red area is like GTAIV: it shows were the cops are.
  • The 3 bars on the HUD: Armour, which is a bullet proof vest (Headshots anyone?), Health, which is your your physical state, and Stanima, which is running, jumping, falling, and getting blows from melle weapons (Health is affected also). The Text still appears at the normal state as the bar narrows into the center. Below the bars is Money, which is set to the right, and Time, which is set to the rigt in a 12 hour format. the stars are below, which are invisble when you have no police attention. When you get your first star all the other 5 stars appear, except they are black and smaller compared to the red illumiated star. As you get more stars the others will look like the first one.
  • Safehouses are purchased from real estate agents, conqured from completing missions, found abandoned, or purchased from people on the blackmarket. They are expensive. Veichle parking and garages feature on most of them.
  • The clothing system is like that of San Adrea's (Cutscenes and seeing yourself in the mirror much?), but Custom Skins can be applied from the Pause Menu like in Vice City and GTA3. Clothes are purchsed from shops, found at various locations, or are aqurired from completing missions.
  • 80% of the buildings have interiors, and when in an evalavtor, you can press a button which makes it stop, or jump out of the top and climb down the evivator cables. If you take veichles inside buildings you will get a 1 star wanted level and securit gaurds will try to get you.
  • Carrying firearms in public (That means in your inventory) will draw attention from the Police. You will get 1 stars and if you dont surrender you will get 3 stars.
  • Swimming is in the First Person, the player tilting his head up to see above water, turning his head to breathe. When he dives under, unless equiped with swim goggles, he will have poor visibilty. Also if a car is crashed into water, the interior will fill up with water. The oxygen meter is displayed where the armour meter ususally is.
  • Girl freinds are avalible in this game, just like in GTASA, but dates are less linear.

Another thing wthat would be good is including a MP5K, Steyr AUG, or Walther P99.


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But isnt there allready a mod/hack that you can get for San Andreas to make the camera first person all the time?

I think GTA 4 also has one from a video I saw, if not, one will be coming no dobt.

I think there is. But I was wondering if Rockstar actually realeased it as a GTA game.

Anyway here is another "Screenshot" of my Ultimate dream:


Photoshopped GTA SA Screenshot, with the weapon from Qunantum of Solace, and all other marteil Custom Shaped.

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Maaan...Look a this game title or this site...

GRAND THEFT AUTO!It means you envolved with automobiles in any way,and thats the most stupidest example.This ideas are on the first grade level of school also.If they ever make(doubt it)a fps gta,it will be called hitnrun i suppose,and only as spin off.But the failure of this game is 100%

And why the hell anyone gonna need this,if you have gta?You suck man.

If you like sandbox fps,play crysis,fallout3,farcry,xenus,stalker:shadow of chernobil.Or at least tekwar.

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it wont work, at all, seems cool to have a fps set in the city where you steal cars and stuff, but for GTA, ive seen that duke theft auto, seems pretty cool, but a GTA release as an fps will destroy it, gta is knows for 3rd person action/adventure im sure R* wont spoil that point, but it seems like a cool idea, except i suck at fps games :lolbounce:

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No offence, mate, but two words: Bad Idea. Doing this will make GTA lose ground in its wars against of ther TPS like Saints Row. Also, GTA is better off as a third-person shooter. TPS games attracts more fans and is more fun to play than FPS games.

However, on a positive note, good job creating those screenshots, though they kinda look crappy.

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