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Post a pic of your City/Town


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At the moment Brighton is freezing, the summer is nice but the minute you get one nice day in Britain, everyone one is the population flocks to the seaside. So Brighton is mobbed which is annoying as my doggies want to play in the sea. Even the dog only beach is mobbed by sun bathers (¬_¬ pillocks).

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Heres my shit hole :D, taken from google, I may go and get some better pictures with my phone.

This is where our football team (Norwich City) lose.


This is where all the typical girls live (The Chapelfield shopping mall)


This is a view of the cathedral from Mousehold


This is a close up on the cathedral (2nd tallest in the country)



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Everyone here seems to live in such exotic places, in the meantime I am the only one that lives in the northern parts of Sweden.

It'll probably seem like in the middle of nowhere to you guys, but here are two pics I took the other day. Excuse the poor quality of the photo, shitty camera. :)



EDIT; Forgot the name. I live in a town called Vännäs.

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and no, the elvis car doesnt live there, but i saw a Shelby GT500 (new one) parked near same spot. anyone in au would know thats a really rare car. well, they are becoming more common now, but, ive seen like 5...ever.

Really? In America, it's very common. However, being an American car would probably have something or another to do with that.

Orlando, myself.





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