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Hot Coffee Mod + Present Save Game


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You actually want to see Pixelated characters dry humping? Lol I dont even think you would be able to install that mod since Rockstargames had sent out a Second Edition that patches Hot Cofee Mod.

I have the mod with me right now.Like I can replace any time "but" I heard someone outta here saying that there is a downgrader some version

Any ways

Damn...!! I had to put it before i started

Please help me if you can..... :(

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I agree with Twisted. It was hilarious at first, but if you wanna visit Prof. Hans Jerkov or take Palm-ela out (like Maccer), just go to a good porno site.


And it also makes our levels tough

Dating our Girl Friends.

We have to press UP DOWN rapidly.And I never pass them >.<

You can use SA Censor Remover to pass the dates successfully.

Thanks for that suggestion but i have a cool trainer downloaded from here.It rocks
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