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GtaSaAbuse :D

Need Orginal .dff File And .Txd of a car

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Hey its me GtaSaAbuse :D

I modded The uranus, And now if i get near it, [i forgot to back up the orginal, Sorry :S]

I Lagg Badly :thumbsdown:

So Im asking if someone has the orginal Uranus.Dff and Uranus.Txd For me :thumbsup:

Somebody :mellow:

Wow, I waited a day, So i guess nobody got the orginal Uranus.dff and txd :'(

Edited by GtaSaAbuse :D

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If anybody out there could do me a huge favor and get me these 3 original .txd and .dff files id b the happiest person ever....the files are greenwoo.txd/.dff, the sultan.txd/.dff, and the elegy.txd/.dff :) id reall apreciate it thx. B)

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