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Incase nobody has seen by now..


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Sorry if a similar Topic has already been posted but i just found something interesting..

I was on colony island under the Algonquin Bridge waiting for one of those transportation carriers that you can ride (I forget what they are called.) And while i was waiting there we're two pedestrians waiting around, and one of them appeared to be a kid! From what i could tell, he seemed to be around 10-12 years old. He was pretty short, had a high pitched voice and was wearing a baseball cap and Glasses. I took out an M4 and blasted him away just to see if it was even possible to kill him. I would have taken pics but i don't a camera.

I'm not sure if this was infact a child pedestrian, it'd be a surprise to me if R* actually put children in GTA IV. Has anyone else seen this ped? Does he usually hang around the carrier terminal? It was the first time i went there so i'm not sure..

Sorry again if this was already posted.

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