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LCF's Xbox Live Contest

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LCF's Xbox Live Contest
With the DLC coming for GTA IV soon, I thought maybe I could create this contest to help one person get some Microsoft points. What I'm taking about is the prize for winning is free 1400 Microsoft points. Only one person will be able to win the points.

It thought of doing this when I found $20 on the ground. I was going to spend it on my self then I decided to buy some Microsoft points with it instead.

So anyways I talked it over with the rest of LCF and had a hard time coming up with a good enough contest. So in the end we came up with one so simple you only need to guess 3 numbers. It is indeed guess a number and anyone could win this. Guess a number between 1 - 1,000,000 and you can only guess 3 numbers, Rules will be posted below.


  • The goal of this is to guess a number 1- 1,000,000
  • You may only guess 3 numbers and must be all in your first post
  • When you post your numbers, you may not change them
  • You can not post the same numbers as someone else
  • Numbers you post will be recorded in the first post and on a piece of paper
  • You must have X-Box Live so you can input the code if you win
  • Only a few members of LCF know what the number is so that the ones that do have XBox live can join in on this as well.

How To Win

Its Simple, You can guess 3 numbers and if you guess the right number or even get closer to the number then anyone else, You win. The code for your points will be PM'ed to you.

In case of a tie, an another round will be held and those two or 3 and so on will have to guess another number. Just one but this time guess one between 1 - 100

The Contest has ended

Winning Number Winner Guessed Number
463,766 Artur 420,666

Name Numbers Guessed
  • 896,653
  • 29
  • 91,491

  • 1467
  • 29,940
  • 88,886

  • 30
  • 328,764
  • 92,786

  • 2995
  • 5150
  • 777,777

  • 6985
  • 100,000
  • 59

Paul T.
  • 793,123
  • 1989
  • 311,989

  • 69,420
  • 666,666
  • 123,456

  • 36
  • 527,853
  • 357

  • 2319
  • 45,623
  • 679,854

  • 6666
  • 92,123
  • 32,178

  • 5566
  • 7788
  • 9900

  • 21
  • 420,666
  • 26,528

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I'm just going to let everyone know that I have chosen a date to close this.

The Contest will end on Friday, January 9th.

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Right, you are aware that you need a 360 so you can use the points. I don't know if you have one, you never mentioned it before.

The above 3 have 360's, don't worry. Cool idea btw ;)

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Hey guys,

Noru just told me on MSN that he's having problems with accessing TGTAP and unfortunately for the time can't announce the winner. He will most likely announce the winner later on today once his internet gets fixed.

So yeah, good luck to you guys! :)

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I was using MSN though my 360 earlier, seemed like my computer wouldn't load any websites. Anyways I'm at a friends house right now so I can announce the winner.

The goal was to guess the number or get close. That winning number was 463,766

It was close between azn: 527,853 and Artur: 420,666 but in the end Artur came closer.

So Congrats to Artur, I'll PM you the code later.

I'll be doing this again sometime soon so another person can have a shot.

Edited by Noru

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