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car mods not showing up in vc


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I have mods that already work with vc, but recently i have added more mods to the game but when i launch the game i can't find the mod that i added. I have done the installation correctly by adding its txd and dff file to replace the vehicle in the game it goes to. I start the game to find it and when i go to search for it, it doesn't spawn. I drive around for a while waiting for it to spawn but it still doesn't. The game doesn't crash but the mod won't show up in the game. Please reply if you know why this is happening.

thank you

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lol it happened to me, i know exactly what you mean. its just...luck

what car did you replace?

maybe you should get a trainer / vehicle spawner, that's what i used to test the mods out, its much quicker than looking for them.

the way i fixed it without getting a trainer, i just quit the game. then started again, and there was phoenix (lamborghini murcielago) everywhere...before i couldnt find a single one.

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so you checked the roof of hyman condo, vercetti / diaz mansion in starfish island...if its not there, then, maybe you installed the mod incorrectly. or its just a bad mod.

also check near the stadium near the water there, sometimes there's a helicopter there.

other than that, i dont know what the problem could be...

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I to have this problem! Same with San Andreas :(

I know the cars don't work when I spawn them and no peds are driving them.

Example: I changed the Infernus to a Nissan R34 GTR, spawned it and stared driving, no one at all had one. Did the same with a DeLorean, same outcome. Did it with a Viper (still Infernus), I didn't even have to spawn it...

Why don't some cars work for me? Others don't seem to have this problem :S

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