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problems with unique jumps car and dodo


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(win xp) Whenever I drive a car through a unique jump, the view goes slow motion and the game keeps in slow motion view, stuck on the same place. To proceed with the game, I have to restart again. Not sure why, because there used to be no problem with unique jumps. I tried an old save file, and unique jumps worked again?

The problem is similar to when you fly the dodo above a unique jump. Has this problem been fixed, or is there any mod?

And why do I get the same problem with cars all of a sudden?

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well Im not sure why the old safe file works then.

But 1 thing that might have to do with it, i was at the garage and took an adrenaline pill. then i went into the garage to get a car, but i couldn't. Then I went out of the garage, but the view remained stuck on the garage, wherever I walked. i managed to walk into the garage again and when the adrenaline pill stopped working, i could get into a car, get out and view changed back to the character. it was some bug i guess? everything else seemed to work again, except for unique jumps maybe?

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