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You've got to love the timeless classic "My mother's my sister!". The first time I heard it I lol'd.

lol and by the same sort of guy (wearing the dark coat)

" she's my cousin? " then other times " i thought she was my second cousin "

its fun sometimes to just run around and hear what everyone has to say.

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A bloke at GTAForums who went by the name of 'Hell No..' actually made a full list of EVERY pedestrian audio line. It was mental! He certainly had a lot of time on his hands.

That actually doesn't too hard to do, a couple years ago when I was a complete GTA addict and trying to beat III for the first time, I could of named off most of the GTA III pedestrian quotes. I lol'd so hard at some of them, don't really recall any of them now though. :/ I need to replay all the GTA's again....

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