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Expect a lecture on copyrights & warez for bringing up opening the PS2 version, just a headsup.

As to your question, R* typically writes GTA as a PC game & ports it to consoles. Part of that is cutting unused things

to save space on the disc. A good example is looking at San Andreas on the PS2 then looking at on the PC version.

The textures are more detailed & there's more scenery.

The AK isn't there because it's not used in the game but was probably used in the beta but never made it to the final.

There's also a stungun that didn't make it into the final version.

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The context of this topic is unused weapons actually in VC, not ported/converted from other games.

I think there's a topic on deleted weapons in this forum, but it's back aways. It was a melee weapon that was cut

from the final release of VC. There's also one about Fort Baxter, originally twice as big as the one in the final.

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