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can somebody beat the flying school for me


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No can do, mate. But I can give you some links to tips and walkthroughs that may help you.

The first two links may not be all that helpful, but watch them to see where you're going wrong, and see if you can pinpoint where you're making the mistakes and how you may correct them.

· YouTube link to Destorying Targets

· YouTube link to flying through Carona's

· Very useful flying information (Note that this guide was originally made for PS2 - it makes little difference however)

· Useful flying tips link

· Not so useful flight tips link

Note: In the flying missions using the Baron plane, remember that once you have reached a good height, you no longer need to apply throttle. This screwed me every time. Very useful tip. Another tip I've found actually helps (surprisingly) is to mute the sound. It helps you concentrate a little better I suppose.

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About which part? Why I won't do it? Because I don't have it for PC, and I'm a firm believer in DO IT YOUR FUCKING SELF.

I'm kidding of course, but give it a go mate. If you beat it, you'll go ape shit and jump around the house like your on extacy.... and that's always fun.

may i remind you i have been trying to beat this level for four [email protected]#$ing years.

I'll do it for you right away,just installed SA again.

And which save?

its the first verdant meadows save

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