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I've decided to market some awesome cereal...mmm


dude that is sick...how do you do that....photoshop

Thanks. :clapping:

Yeah, I used photoshop. I actually measured a cereal box to make that. :P

Making the shape of the box was probably the most complex part (twas easy though), but adding in all the little "AWESOME O's" was very tedious.

I bet someone else here could make a cereal box 100X better than mine.

I made some signatures and userbars that I'll post once I make a few more.

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can you PM me on how to do that

I might as well explain it here just in case anyone else wants to know. I think it's still considered on topic.

After I got the measurements on the three different sides that would be seen; I went to file, new and then typed in the dimensions of one side in inches and repeated that for the other two sides. After I did that I colored them in with yellow (the same yellow as the AWESOME smiley) and then added a 5px stroke to each of them and placed them together in a relatively large PS file to move them into position. Once they were in position I then added a skew on the top and side portions of the box as needed.

The rest was pretty easy after that. I opened the large AWESOME smiley and moved it over the box and resized it accordingly. After that I found a picture of a bowl on google, cut it out and then placed it over the box. As for the little tiny AWESOME smiley’s...well I just added a ton of them in there...I think there were close to 300 layers.

As for the text, that's pretty easy, I'm assuming you'd know how to do that.

Then the last bit is the nutrition thing that I added on the side, which is also a picture courtesy of google, and gave it a skew to match the side of the box.

Over all it was pretty easy to do. You just need to use some of your creativity along with having some knowledge of Photoshop.

Here's a userbar that I made.



Technically it's not a userbar...but whatever.

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I'll vouch for the easiness of box-making. It is actually easier than it looks. Really, the hardest part to me is the creative process of WHAT to put ON the box.

I'd probably have to agree with you. Although, in this case, the design and idea popped in my head before I even started working on the actual image. I think I was watching Rob & Big when I thought of the idea. It was the episode when they made their own cereal box. How creative am I! :awesome:

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Come on, let's keep this topic ALIVE! :awesome:








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