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[SA]Furniture Mod


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This mod allows you to place furniture in your savehouse or abandoned buildings xP. Using the very advanced in-game placer you can move, rotate and edit the height of your object. You are able to buy them first from 24-7 and then place them in certain interiors. You can even delete ones you've previously placed!

FEATURES: x = Comin soon. - = Already included.

- Buy furniture and place in your home.

- The amount of objects placable is infinite. (Although game may take pressure if 400+ are placed :P)

- Move, rotate and change the height of your objects for a perfect fit.

- Advanced Text Draw displays easy on-screen instructions for a nice experience.

- Rotating objects in 24-7 so you can see exactly what you are buying.

- Pricing was custom-set by me in a manor that will make earning cash in GTA a bit trickier :)

- Messages displayed when you do not have enough money.

- Messages attempt to suit GTA's common charm :P

- Placed objects will be remembered by the game permenantly.

- You are able to delete all (dynamic) objects in interiors. (Be careful not to delete objects you did not create! They may not be replacable.)

- Place your object by simply walking around. Object is visible (and lit up) during placement.

- Pick up your object even after you have placed it.

- The 'Item No.' displays the objects model. Very useful for modders.

x More interiors will be selected so you can place objects in more areas.

x More objects will be added including plants, model guns and gun displays.

x Improved movement of objects.

x Changable views to allow you to get different angles on your item.

x An optional addition of placing your object in a different way.

(Extra Note: I am thinking of making a mod that enables you to do actions on all sorts of objects depending on their model. Which means you can do alot of stuff with your objects. This however, will be a seperate mod but will be included with the Furniture mod and of course, the CLEO Trainer.)


- Rotation of the objects is centered around a corner axis of some objects meaning they dont rotate on the spot. It's as if they were on the side of a rotating platform instead of in the middle. There's probably a way to solve this. Modders? Any tips?

- That's it! There aren't really any bugs so far.

This game is very unlikely to crash or mess up. Still, it is highly reccommended you save on a new slot. Objects are saved with the game and I'm still unsure of the long term effects!


I'd just like to say that it took 2 whole days (inc. nights) to make this :) Which aint long considering how well it turned out but I think I may be taking a little break. Especially since it's christmas at the time of writing. Also, sorry I've been away for a while. Internet has been off thanks to our good friends, TalkTalk. Although if it wasn't for that then I may not have created this...

Full info in the readme inc screenshots!



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