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GTASA... Random Slowyness


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Ever since I found out I had 256mb extra ram that wasn't properly plugged in and got a faster computer. I noticed that san andreas is acting slow. When the loading gets to the middle and onto the second splash screen, the game will go into slow-mo and the sound will go slow. Then it becomes normal and doesn't do it again until it hits the very end of the loading. This could be something to do with something it's tryna load for all I know... Because it does it exactly the same every time I play. The same time to load, the same time to slow down and at the same points of loading.

I know that it has nearly nothing to do with my PC, because higher quality games run fine! It has nothing to do with the ram because if I take it out, the game is still slow. I can run Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 on full quality for 3 hours before it starts to slow down, which is suprising since it used to run like crap before the extra 256 ram...

Also, Sony Vegas seems to slow down... But I think that's only when it tries to play any clips recorded of GTASA which has about 5fps because sanan runs so badly while fraps records. Yet all the rest of the time San Andreas actually runs pretty well. It only slows down sometimes when I'm driving/flying fast, I exit or enter buildings (fade problem perhaps?) or the game loads.

So I realy wanna find out how to fix this. I use nVidia and have edited the settings of SA via the nVidia settings and the game settings. Maybe there's something not right with the nvidia settings? If so, anyone know what I have to change? There could be a problem with files in San Andreas but I've reinstalled since and tested without mods.

The other annoying thing is that San Andreas don't slow my PC at all. In fact, my PC is runnin full speed. Maybe San Andreas isn't using enough resources from my pc? My PC goes way over San Andreas' reccommended requirements too...

Oh yeah, and the game slows down when the menu first appears and I move the mouse. It goes slowmo with the sound again as the cursor goes over the options...

Oh and another very important thing... When running the dxdiag tests, I find that when I get to the 3D tests... They act very slow some times and act normally others... The first text draw test works fine, the second slows a little when it is just about to hit the bottom edge and the 3d tests are all pretty slow (which is better than before, it used to make the cube go round extremely fast).

Any ideas? I really can't get it. My PC hasn't changed much except it was looked at (by me) and I removed the things that weren't being used and that were just slowing down the pc. Besides from that and the extra 256mb ram... Everythings the way it was.

Off the top of my head, PC hardware: 1.20 ghz amd athlon, 768mb ram, nvidia gfx 8000 or something...

Help me!! The only game I worship is the only game that's broke... And it doesn't make sense! :(

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