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Favorite GTAIV Car


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My favourite cars are the following:

Four Door: Feroci

Two Door: Sentinel

Sports Car: Infernus; Comet

Since I posted that it has changed, it's been 4 months since I posted that so obviously my view will have changed.

Four door: Oracle (Usually in black or blue) and Sultan (Usually in white or red)

4x4: Huntley Sport (Usually in black or grey) and Landstalker (black or red)

Two door: Sentinel (I love black and grey sentinels)

Sports car: Turismo (Yellow or red), Comet (Yellow or Silver) and Super GT (I much prefer this over the other sports cars; in dark grey and dark red)

Industrial: Boxville (It's always been my favourite industrial vehicle and always will)

Emergency: FIB Buffalo (Speedy but is very rare)

Favourite vehicles that aren't cars:

Boat: Squallo

Helicopter: Maverick

Motorbike: NRG-900

In General, my most favourite vehicle is the Super GT but my least favourite vehicle is the Uranus - it looks far too old fashioned for me and it looks almost the same from San Andreas.

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Four Door: Cognoscenti (this looks it's best in pearl white)

Two Door: Feltzer (fast and has decent handling)

Sports: Infernus (orange) and Comet (yellow version from No.1)

4x4: Patriot (Playboy X's yellow version)

Helicopter: Maverick

Bike: Freeway and Zombie

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I have a lot of different favorite cars in GTA IV, and what I pick really varies depending on the current situation. However, here are the ones that I always try to grab if I get the opportunity:

  • Intruder
  • Oracle
  • Admiral
  • Blista Compact
  • Sultan RS

I like my four doors for some reason, even though the ones I have outlined are not the most high-performance. The Intruder and the Oracle look very nice in black - almost like the kind of car that you'd see in The Transporter films or something. Plus, there's something really quite exciting about using a lower-performance car in Free Mode when someone has decided to hunt you down for whatever reasons they have. It's just quite hilarious ducking and weaving through the traffic on the wrong side of the road and watching them stumble with them. Or just hammering it up the road normally is always fun too ^_^

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My favourite cars are:

4x4: the Patriot definitely! It looks so great when being 'swingsetted'! And the fact it can climb through traffic.

2 door: Sentinel (goes bloody quick, and the one with the body kit is very cool)

4 door: Primo ( it just looks like those HK taxis (Toyota crown comfort) & I usually use it to have fun.)

Sports: Turismo (for its handling and brakes), Infernus(for its looks and rarity)

Other: Fire truck ( it's fun hosing people down ), Securicar (it has a hell lot of $$$ when you blow it up)

bikes: NRG-900 (its looks, stunting abilities), PCJ-600 (same for NRG)

Boats: Jetmax (its sleek look)

Helis: Annilator (whatever it's spelt) ( this can kill in 1 shot! )

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