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Graphics Driver Issue


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Hey everyone. I just re-installed my GTA San Andreas it is


cracked. :P I cannot play well because of the lag. I did have 64 MB of memory for my drivers then I changed it to 256.0 MB of memory still no help. It is a PCI Express (I think) and I cannot find a good graphics driver for it. I have had this really old driver for a long time now and I feel the issue is because of an out-dated shit driver that has gone way out-of-date with my NVIDIA drivers.

Can anyone provide me with a better driver to install for GTA San Andreas so I can play again. :)

Thanks. :)

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You don't understand. I've had this intigrated drivers now for 2 years and NO lag at all. The game runs perfectly, and I don't even have the minimum requirements. I have 650 MB of RAM (256.0 MB on the drivers). I have kind of lost the old driver update I had before when the game ran perfectly. Maybe It's my big resolution.

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