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Superbowl Movie Trailer Spots


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Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen. Fuck yes, loved the first one and this one looks great too.

G.I Joe : Rise of Cobra. I dunno, sounds gay but trailer looks alright.

The Year One. Looks funny and great premise IMO.

Up. Pixar film. I don't think many of you are interested. Trailer doesn't say much either.

Land of the Lost. Looks crap and i hate Will Ferrel movies now.

I know there's more but i think the trailers for them have already been out for a while now.

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I find Will Ferrel hilarious. However, you forgot one movie spot((in fact, it was the only one I knew about before the Superbowl)). Monsters Vs. Aliens. Looks ridiculously stupid, and the "preview" barely had any 3D parts in it. And for mainly these reasons, I don't feel like getting a trailer for it.

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