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The Lost and Damned on GameTrailers TV tomorrow night


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We just got word from R* that The Lost and Damned is going to be on GameTrailers TV tomorrow night in a special feature, here's the email containing the full details on what to expect from the show:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you a heads-up and let you know that Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned will be featured on a special episode of GameTrailers TV tommorrow night, hosted from our office in New York City. There will be tons of never-before-seen footage, including exclusive first glimpses of various cut scenes, gameplay and hints about what to expect from the storyline.

GameTrailers TV airs Friday night at 10PM PST / 1 AM EST on Spike TV, and is also available online at GameTrailers.com and on Xbox LIVE, iTunes and Amazon Unbox.



So make sure you're tuned in on either Spike TV or GameTrailers.com at the specified time, should be an interesting watch.

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Watched it an hour ago. It didn't have that much new info (R* was being pretty secretive) but there was some new footage. The grenade launcher was shown in action and bunch of other stuff. The theory that Victor Vance from here made up showed up there too about the Museum Piece mission and how the achievement name was Impossible Trinity implying that Niko, Johnny and one of the Jewish characters are all linked together in that mission and you could play as one of them in the next DLC (would be pretty funny). The guy Geoff was talking to was really secretive after that was mentioned so I'm pretty sure that theory is partially right.

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Alright the video is up. Check it out here. And my bad I wasn't listening the theory they mentioned was exactly like yours. And apparently that guy's name is Louis or something along those lines. I'll try to find out where we saw him before.

This is what I found on Wikipedia on him:

Luis Lopez

Introduced in: "Three Leaf Clover" or "Museum Piece" (Whichever mission is done first)

Luis Fernando Lopez is a Dominican Street Gangster who works as a personal bodyguard for Anthony Prince, a nightclub entrepreneur, giving him contacts with others who act as bodyguards at his clubs. Luis Lopez appears on three occasions, first at the bank robbery pulled off by the McReary Irish Mob, then at the Libertonian busting a deal between Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and the Jewish Mob. Later, he is seen with Tony Prince at the diamond/hostage exchange with the McReary Mafia. He is not seen again after that. He is 25 years old.

So I guess him being a protagonist in the next DLC is very possible.

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So the theory is that this Luis guy will be in the next DLC? Hmmmn... maybe one of the night clubs he runs his The Linen Lounge, its not to far away from

Playboys crib.

And I had no idea that that was Luis at the bank heist, LOL.

Yeah I know dude, last night after reading that on Wikipedia I searched up all the missions with him in it and was surprised a few times. And Victor Vance, really is Luis Lopez actually your name cause that would be just weird.

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