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Mission " The Black Project " Problem


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Husky, stop being a dick to him. You know he's having problems with the black project, and he knows you know he's having problems, and you're just saying 'yup, black project' at him and it's getting nobody nowhere. Either contribute or don't bloody bother.

@CJ - have you tried reloading an earlier save, playing through and seeing f the same error occurs? Have you used any cheats or trainers?

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Or do you have any mods installed (particularly script)?

Something is preventing the script from loading anything after the cutscene. In the case of a script mod, there's

something in literally half a million lines of code missing. A conflict would just freeze the game & you'd get the

message "Sorry, Windows encountered a problem, blah blah blah. You would have to know what was changed in

the script just to know where to look for what went wrong. It could be as simple as mixing up a comma w/ a period

or a missed space. Sometimes people will post a mod w/out properly testing it.

If it's because of a cheat, the game's been out for years & we still don't fully understand how they will affect the game.

Zmoonchild has dug into it a bit but we don't see much of him these days. The problem w/ cheats is that you could

use one early in the game (like in the first missions in Los Santos) & it won't show the effects until as late as your

return to LS (most cause problems in the middle of LV missions).

Good luck.

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Saw some problems of yours in other topics so let me ask an offtopic question: Is your game downloaded?

If u would have asked me this question a month ago then I would answer.. || YES ||

But i got it from walmart the only problem is I had put around 63 Cleo scripts and the game crashes so I gotcha back-up my original || DATA || & || MODELS ||

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