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When i run the game, this came out...

-An error occurred during the release date check. Click the "Retry" button to check again (Internet connection required). If you do not have Internet access now, please see below:

If the error persists, or if you do not have Internet access, you will find a solution at the following support website: http://activate.rockstargames.com/?c=GTA4

If the release date has passed, and you access the above mentioned website from any Internet source, you will be able to download an offline installer for final game content. You will also need to activate the game to play. To perform the offline activation step, the game serial and an unlock request code will be required. Click on the "Activate manually" button below to generate the unlock request code. Please be informed the unlock request code used for unlock code generation must match the system on which you wish to activate.

Click on the "Cancel" button to exit.

I need the serial code..

An online activation cannot be performed. It is possible to perform an offline or manual activation.

In order to perform this operation, you will need the following information:

-Registration Code (Serial number)

-Unlock request code (displayed below).

With this information in hand, please visit our support site to generate the unlock code:


With the unlock code and serial (registration code) in hand, place them in the text boxes and click on the "Activate" button.

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