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sa-mp bulgarian server


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"For playing you need ( GTA SA without any modifications! and !sa-mp-0.2.2 client! )

1) Install the game.

2) You can download 0.2.2 client from here http://bg.gtazona.com/samp/sa-mp-0.2.2-install.exe

3) Add this IP to your favourites list IP: (http://pics.deepseek.net/bitbucket/helpgtasa.rar this is how to video)

4) Press connect(when you are prompted to enter passwords e.t.c just click connect)

You must have [bG] before your nick to play,if you don`t have it the server will kick you automatic (this is not team just add it)

http://bg.gtazona.com/ - Server Site (statistics,rules,forum)

[b-U-L-G-A-R-I-A-N ] [ S-E-R-V-E-R] [ 0.2.2 ]

**Server Information**

Gamemode is playing at Las Venturas |LV|. you must register to play. if you`re not registered you will spawn in the jail!

You can register with this commands:

/register password

Example: /register 0000

Then you must login with this command:

/login password

Example: /login 0000

The gamemode has levels. When you play for first time you are 1 level. For higher level you must collect EP(Expirience points)

Example:for 2 level you must collect 4EP.

you can collect EP with different ways. One of them is with mini missions (ex. Races/Deathmatch/Moneybox)




It has 20 rallyes and 15 deathmatches. Every missions starts about 8 minutes.

Every who is registered starts from 1 level with 15000$. When you collect missions you can make upgrades to your hero, house and your bussines. In every hour server gives 1EP and money (PayDay )

When you rise your levels you can buy house`s and bussiness. The cheaper house is for 3 level, and the cheaper business for 4. Las Venturas |LV| has 31 houses and 20 business.

You can decide the price for entry at your business, upgrade your house buy your own TV and watch rallyes/deathmatches/races/moneyboxes,you can buy a key for your house and many more!

You can make bands.

You can work as a:

Taxidriver - Reclaims 3 level

Pilot - Reclaims 8 level

Boatdriver - Reclaims 5 level

You will spend money every hour for your job:

Taxidriver - 5000$

Pilot - 15000$

Boatdriver - 8000$

You can disable/enable your speedometer with /speedo or /vmenu.

The server has fuel stations.you can recharge your fuel with /vmenu and Refuel . (max. 200%).

In the bank (24/7 shop) you can work with these commands:

/deposit - deposit your money

Example: /deposit 1000

/withdraw - take your money

Example: /withdraw 1000

/balance - balance of your money

It has a /buy menu in the bank (24/7 shop)

With this menu you can buy many things for you and your car ( CD player /alarm system and others)

It has a lotto in every 10 minutes.You can bet from number 0 to 50 and the price for the ticket is е 5000$.You can win from 4 000 000 to 6 000 000$.

To check you level,stats,EP points type /level. If you have enought EP you can buy higher level with /buylevel . To spend EP from missions you must do:

4/4 Rallyes

30/30 deathmatch kills

4/4 Moneyboxes or 4/4 CMN 1.

Important Commands:





















/houseupgrade (/hu)



Contacts with admins:**

Admin`s Skype:

[bG]admin ХХХ

[bG]DeViL loshia25

[bG]BloodyWolf bloodywolf3

[bG]MaRrR marchelo93

[bG]Cassi tereza.ivanchevska

[bG]Deadman hakerat_bee

For more questions http://bg.gtazona.com/forum/

It has many other things but you will find it when you playing at the server. Good Luck and Have A Nice Game!

:coolthumbup: :coolthumbup: :coolthumbup: :coolthumbup: :coolthumbup::thumbsup:

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Your Bulgarian?


Хаха, аз не съм Българин, но знам малко да говоря

Тук няма Българи, не мисля. Има 2-3 Македонци (мене) но, не знам дали ще го даунлодат

Тука: http://www.gtaforums.com има Българи, и повече хора

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